About Me

Who are you?

Real name is Barry Smith and I’ve been in online marketing for a fairly short two years. In this time I have discovered that there’s no such thing as easy money and anybody telling you that there is, is selling you something.

However there are ways to make money and the internet lets anybody with the know how and the elbow grease do so.

I’ve read countless forums, papers and attended conferences to try and gain the know how. That said I have been somewhat lax with applying the elbow grease to my own advantage.

I am currently contracted by the Gaming Media Group, which includes Poker Heaven and Casino Joy. I also worked for Betfair (poker) before they upped sticks to Malta.

I have a fairly big digital footprint and you should be able to find some of my aliases and smaller sites (I hide the bigger ones :p) all over the place, but to get you started I’m J8Diamonds on the PAP Forums and Digital Point (plus prolly some other places). I’m StalkerB in most other places. Occasionally I’ll be FRHound, STBHound or Captain Quads.

Why are you telling us this?

Probably to show off, partly my altruistic nature and lastly that at some point I may need a job and this is a record that I know what I’m doing.

Ultimately though I just got fed up trawling through layers of misinformation to get to anything useful and keeping all the things I learn down here means I don’t have to carry around a 1,000 page notebook if I forget what I’m looking for.

If nobody reads this I’m not bothered icon smile About Me