Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing

January 29th, 2009 by Barry

‘Build it and they will come’ no longer works the way it used to.

For years internet marketers have had a fairly easy time, where simply making good content resulted in the information hungry internet users coming to their site. However we’re now in an age where we’re approaching information saturation and getting to the top is getting harder and harder.

Pursuing a passion, turning that into an online presence and making money from it isn’t easy, especially starting from scratch.

I found that there is no real step-by-step guide to help the ‘noob’ in getting found on Google (and other search engines) and that a lot of research was required to learn even the basics.

That’s where I come in.

My intention is give you enough information to create a site that you can make money from. If you do better than that and get rich, even better.

Please note that this information is based upon my findings and research and whilst much of it will be good advice some of it may be slightly inaccurate (especially if you read this long after it’s published) or not work for you (it’s not a check list science).

The other thing to note is that in this I will be teaching you how to modify your strategy by keeping up with the latest ideas. SEO is constantly evolving and requires a fair amount of time to keep up with developments. Other marketing methods evolve as the web does, although this is usually a little slower.

If you want insta-cash generating sites then, although this advice may work, it’s not in the spirit of what is intended.

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