Choosing a domain – Bonus

February 17th, 2009 by Barry

Bonus 1

If this site will be a main brand for you make sure and register it for longer than one year. Google (and other search engines) give greater authority to a site that isn’t going to disappear overnight. Spending $50 on a domain for 5 years should be a small investment for what you are going to get in return.

Bonus 2

Additional to buying a domain for a longer period of time, consider protecting your soon to be developed brand by buying the .net, .org and .country (, .fr, etc) as well. This soon adds up but is much cheaper than trying to buy them back later on.

Bonus 3

Never, EVER, wait to buy a domain name once you’ve found it. People scan others searches and buy them up. Once you’ve found a domain you like buy it, even if just for a year to start with.

Bonus 4

Buying multiple domains gives the possibility for cross promotion later on. Alternatively if a domain is likely to get type in traffic you can redirect it to your main site.

Bonus 5

If it’s a large site or an uncommon word it can help to buy misspellings and redirect them to your main domain. Typos take the form of one letter around each letter on the keyboard (this can get costly) and phonetically similar sounding sites.

Bonus 6

Always set your main domain to auto-renew. Your registrar should give you plenty of warning but it’s better to be safe than sorry and lose a domain that you’ve worked for years to build.

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