Defining users – Pre-Website Planning

February 19th, 2009 by Barry

Now that we have keywords and the keywords we have were based on what we wanted to write about, we need to work on who we will write the content for.

There are several things to consider when writing about a subject, especially when we want to drive users to a goal.

Firstly we have to prioritize what users will be looking for when the arrive at your site. This defines your audience and (initially) all content will be prepared for them.

So, as an example, if the goal of the site is to get users to sign up with a poker site then we need to anticipate what it is they need to enable them to do this.

The players that are looking for a new poker room are likely new to poker and may be interested in learning how to play poker, what bonuses are available to them, how secure online poker is or even how to actually download a poker room.

Another group of players may be more experienced and looking for rakeback at a new site or some strategy article to improve their game.

You should try and put together a profile of visitors and group the sort of content you anticipate they’ll need together. The more you know about the subject matter the easier this is but you should be able to come up with examples by categorizing users.

Examples of things to think about when categorising groups include :-

Characteristics – Gender biases, age.
Intent – At what point of their buying cycles is information likely to be relevant to the user. Are they after information, looking for a general product or looking for a specific product.
Knowledge level – Not just of the written subject but of general web usage.
Participation level – Are users going to view the site or participate/interact with it.

By defining groups of people we can to match them to content that will engage them and how to move them through the site to our goals.

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