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January 29th, 2009 by Barry

As SEO is what I do for a living you can imagine this will be the topic I talk about most.

There is a blurred line between onpage SEO and web site optimization, which will be discussed more in depth later. Offpage SEO is arguably the most impotant SEO factor.

For years the maxim “content is king” has held true and to an extent still is, however with all the millions of websites with content the game becomes how to attract visitors in the first place.Traditional marketing methods can be used the same way as attracting brick and mortar clients but one of  the newest ways is by using search engines.

However with a limited number of searches and an even more limited number of results users will look through, this often means that your site will have to be something special to occupy the top spaces.

In this section I will mostly be fighting against mis-information and how to avoid the agencies and charlatans that over charge for their ‘snake oil’.

SEO falls between science and art and there will never be a check box of what to do. However there are good foundations that you can build upon and if you are completely new to internet marketing this is often one of the hardest areas to understand.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine submissions and why to avoid anyone selling it as a service
Why Meta Keywords are useless and avoid anyone saying they’re good for SEO
Links & backlinks – how to get them
Reciprocal Links
Paid Links and link directories
Competitor analysis
Anchor text
Why page rank isn’t an SEO factor
Commenting and social networks – reputation, contributions
Vertical Results
Country Specific Targeting
Google vs. The World – MSN, Yahoo etc
Syndication and linking

This barely scratches the surface but if you follow them all hopefully I can structure it in a way that’s easy to follow.

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