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January 29th, 2009 by Barry

Before rushing headlong into buying a domain and throwing up content on everything we know about the subject we have to first think about what kind of people are going to be reading the page (readers, shoppers, etc) and what they will be looking for (if you’re creating a site that interests you then chances are it will interest others).

After identifying that we need to find out how these people will find you site and whilst that comes down to many aspects it all hinges on one thing… keywords.

Keywords – How to identify them and what to do with them.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a term that is used to describe what people search for to find specific information. A keyword can actually be more than just one word and is also referred to as a keyword phrase.

So to find my site I expect people who are interested in online poker marketing to be able to find my site through the search engines. During the next step I’ll try to discover what else people may search for that would bring them to my site.


Initially you have to have an idea for a site, in this instance I have chosen online gambling marketing. The reasoning for this is two-fold, firstly I have an interest in in it, specifically it’s my job and secondly there are not many good sites out there about this topic.

If you’re looking just to make quick gains then there are several other sites on how to do that, these don’t usually last long however. If you want to create an interesting site that has the potential to make consistant money then you first need to identify what other people look for in your chosen subject.

The first way is quite simply a Google search. Take what your site is about (in as few words as possible) and type it into Google. Make a note of the search results, in this instance online poker marketing returns 3.73M results (Jan 29th 2009), this could be a popular subject since it has so many competitors. However, perhaps not all are relevant. A full competition search will be explained later.

Next make a note of the first result in Google, in this instance it’s the Guardian newspaper. Are the results that are shown going to be competitors for the readers you’re looking for?

I don’t think that people searching for online poker marketing are going to be looking for an article on spam.
The second result is for an agency and perhaps that’s what people want.
Third is a bonus code, again not really what people want.
Fourth’s an ezine article which is closer to what I think the results should return.
And fifth is Bill Rini with an story about a failed poker viral.

Whilst this may be supposition I have already stated that if the site is about something I see a need for then chances are other people are looking for the same thing. On occasion it’s best just to go for what will bring you the most satisfaction, but my first thoughts are a website like mine could help people using that search term.

Scrolling further down the page there are several results related to some of the things I have in mind, but none of which would be in direct competition with my site. This is good! Assuming my keywords are popular I would be able to get a lot of traffic just by having a good site.

Now that I have a general feel for whether or not to use online poker marketing as a focus the next step is to find out related words and what people search for the most. The best way of doing this is brainstorming. Simply think of all the things you might search for when looking for your site.

I would recommend coming up with as many keywords as possible during this initial session, at least 30, and remember to write them all down! If you can only come up with a few don’t worry too much as the tools we will be using will also give us suggestions, once you’ve used them the first time brainstorming new sites becomes much easier.

*TOP TIP* – Remember when brainstorming that plurals are different words. Affiliate and Affiliates are different terms entirely.

*TOP TIP* – Remember that keywords and keyword phrases are the same thing, your brainstorming session can include single words and words that fit together such as Affiliate or Affiliate Marketing. At this stage do not brainstorm for keywords of more than 4 words.

After making a note of all these the next step is to see how many people search for these terms and if we can learn a few more that are better. There are several useful tools when it comes to this, some of which I’ll mention here.

Here is my list of keywords (limited to 30)

poker seo internet affiliate poker links
casino seo internet affiliates casino links
bingo seo online marketing bingo links
poker affiliate poker affiliates poker articles
casino affiliate casino affiliates writing poker articles
bingo affiliate bingo affiliates casino articles
poker marketing poker keywords writing casino articles
casino marketing casino keywords bingo articles
bingo marketing bingo keywords writing bingo articles
internet marketing online poker marketing online gambling affiliate

From these words you can see that my site is intended to be focused on poker, casino and bingo as the main gambling terms. Sports betting and scratch cards are taking a back seat, but in theory all the ideas expressed here should work for any site or keyword.

A good tool during these initial brainstorming sessions is Good Keywords. The best thing about this too is that it’s FREE!

For the moment we want to use it to help come up with keywords. This is done by simply clicking on the ‘Keyword Suggestion’ button and then typing in our initial keyword. We then select the engine we want it to come up with suggestions for and click ‘go’.

It will produce a list of words that can be later refined with our other tools and we may refer back to Good Keyword’s other functions later.

*TOP TOOL* – Good Keywords –

Refining keywords

Now that we have a list of words from brainstorming we are going to refine our keywords to find the most popular, or a niche, and initially focus on those.

You will discover, with practise, that you can quickly run through many or all of these steps and obtain many good quality keywords. The order suggested here does not have to be stuck to religiously.

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