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January 29th, 2009 by Barry

And here we… go!

Welcome everybody to All In Blind; your one stop reference guide to successful online gambling marketing.

Whether you run an affiliate site, a poker, casino or bingo client or have a content site containing news, videos and ads, you’ll hopefully find something here that will help your business prosper.

As this blog continues I hope to bring in more industry professionals to give their insights into their specialist fields and help you promote your brand as an online gambling destination.

As this is a pet project of mine, you may find that I don’t always practise what I preach and you are more than free to call me out  on any particular aspect of what I say in the comments.

You can learn a little about me on the cunningly named About page and after reading my posts you can decide for yourself whether or not my advice is to be believed (though I would encourage you to try it).

So without futher ado I shall get a post or two up and try and structure some of what I know so that you can put it to good use and hopefully your next marketing effort won’t feel like you’re going All In Blind!

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