Refining Keywords – Bonus

February 15th, 2009 by Barry

Bonus 1

Typing your search term into Google reveals how much competition there is for a phrase in the top right corner. The higher the number the harder it will be to rank for but don’t get worried about ranking for phrases less competitive that around 2 million.

competition results Refining Keywords – Bonus

Competition Results

Take this competition figure and use it with the other numbers you have to decide if it’s easier to be ranked for a search term that gets less searches but also has less competition.

Bonus 2

When doing your keyword research it’s worth finding out what Google thinks people are searching for when they enter that keyword term. For example if you are optimising for the term poker then simply type that term into Google and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You’ll be presented with 8 links that looks like

pokerrelated Refining Keywords – Bonus

Related Poker Terms

Google clearly links the search term poker the “+ terms” of free online, tips, stars, for fun, chips, learn, download and pkr. So now you have 8 new terms to optimise a landing page for which could be generating significant traffic from your main term if people click through on these links (and people love to click rather than type). Obviously getting to the top of the search results for poker rooms such as PokerStars and PKR may not be part of the plan, but again these are just examples.

You might as well have the traffic over some other site and it’s all about the longtail.

Bonus 3

Always keep a list of the keywords as you sort them because once the first set of content is up you will want to produce a second page on similar keywords.

You want to create this second UNIQUE page about the same subject and then place links between them both.

That way when you do rank for a word you can get a second indent, knocking a competitor both down a place and another out of that page ranking.

indented search reults Refining Keywords – Bonus

Indented Search Results

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